Monday, November 05, 2007

More on Robert's Snow

A few weeks ago I attended to reception at Child at Heart Gallery for the Robert's Snow display. I met up with old friends Ilene Richard and Mary Newell DePalma. Here they are chatting outside the gallery. Both are very talented and ironically (or not), they both created 3D snowflakes as well. Ilene and I had lunch where she shared with me her latest pb dummy.

Meeting up with old friends is great, but so is meeting new ones. Do you remember my post a few years ago when I said I wanted to grow up to be Alissa Imre Geis? Of course you don't, but I did, and I still do. Even more so now that I've met her. Here she is holding her snowflake. Notice all the other snowflakes in the background.

New at the Gallery

This piece is new for me at the gallery. I hung it the other day in their new Holiday section. It's a piece I did a few years ago for a paper company. They sent me a box full of their shiny, fuzzy, bumpy, see-through, glittery paper and asked me to make them something Christmasy. Oh, and the background is made from their wood paper. It's actual thin slices of wood encased within a thin veneer of plastic.

Do you have trouble keeping your artifical wreaths fresh looking year after year? Are you hard pressed to pick up a fresh wreath or make your own each year? Then this is the answer for you. It's framed with a green velvet matt and gold colored frame. And the red velvet bow is brilliant when the light is shining just right on it. You can see it at Artistic Roots Gallery in Campton, NH.
You can see an interview of me by Cindy Lord (Newbery Honor winning author extraordinaire.) It's part of the whole author-interviewing-artist initiative for Robert's Snow. Thank you, Cindy, for doing a bang-up job! I almost didn't recognize myself!