Monday, November 05, 2007

More on Robert's Snow

A few weeks ago I attended to reception at Child at Heart Gallery for the Robert's Snow display. I met up with old friends Ilene Richard and Mary Newell DePalma. Here they are chatting outside the gallery. Both are very talented and ironically (or not), they both created 3D snowflakes as well. Ilene and I had lunch where she shared with me her latest pb dummy.

Meeting up with old friends is great, but so is meeting new ones. Do you remember my post a few years ago when I said I wanted to grow up to be Alissa Imre Geis? Of course you don't, but I did, and I still do. Even more so now that I've met her. Here she is holding her snowflake. Notice all the other snowflakes in the background.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paperlady(Denise),

This is your old prof, Thomas Kerr. I've revamped my 12 year old web site at

I'm very impressed by all your work. You're such a pro now! Keep it all up.